What Occurs During First Visit To A Dentist?

Oral hygiene is not just brushing and flossing your teeth regularly but even a scheduled visit to your dentist for checkup. People dread to visit the dentists even if they are experiencing pain. They forget there are several options for alleviating pain during the process. Planning to visit a dental clinic can help to maintain your oral health and keep you smiling confidently.

What happens during routine dental visit for the first time?

Once you find the best College Station dentist, make sure he/she is in the dental insurance network, if you have one. If you don’t then ask how much is necessary to pay during the appointment. Arrive early, so as to fill the paperwork and give staff time to make arrangements for you.

Thorough cleaning

  • Your chest will be covered with paper or plastic cloth. You may need to wear eye shields.
  • There will be metal tray and ultrasonic tool, which the dentist uses to scrap hard plaque buildup and tartar on tooth surfaces along the gum line.
  • In case, you experience pain while cleaning let the dentist know. You can take a break to rest before he starts again.
  • After cleaning, you will rinse your mouth well.
  • With a tool that includes a spinning head, your teeth will be polished. You will rinse your mouth again.
  • The teeth will also get flossed.

Full examination

  • Thorough examination of your mouth, gums, and teeth is performed.
  • The dentist looks for signs of disease because their aim is to prevent issues getting graver by detecting them early and treating.


X-rays may be recommended on the basis of your age, symptoms and risk of disease. Unnoticed issues like abscesses, jawbone damage, cysts, and deterioration between teeth can be diagnosed with X-rays.

What to expect during first non-routine visit?

You may have not be regular in your appointments, so take some time because the dentist will need to do a thorough checkup inside your gums, teeth and supportive bone structures. The cleaning session will be deep because the delays in visit has hardened the tartar buildup on teeth and around gum line. Tartar removal is an uncomfortable process but the feel of smooth teeth later is worth it and even the fresh breathe.

Don’t be overwhelmed, if there are issues detected. You have already taken the first step in fixing your oral health with the help of your dentist. Make sure to follow good dental habits and always visit the dentist for scheduled follow up.

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